Thursday, November 3, 2016

Google Read & Write

Google Read & Write has really stepped up its game.

For websites: Students can still have the website read to them, they can simplify the webpage from all the ads and just read the text, they can also have the information put into an mp3, and highlight important facts and have those pulled into a separate Google doc!
For documents: students can use the word prediction tool, the read out loud feature, the fluency feature, the highlighting tools, and the screen mask tool. Teachers can leave audio notes too for the student now.
For pdf's students can dictate into the pdf, they can type over the pdf and the teacher can make notes on it for the student as well.

Check out my How to HERE.

Teachers sign up for your free premium version HERE (put in lfarkas@northampton... as your admin).

Check out how to use the .pdf tools HERE.

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