Monday, December 14, 2015


Here is a way to think about permissions that might clear up some confusion when you share with students/colleagues:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Favorite Plugin

Once upon a time, your Tech Integration Specialist had you create this crazy formula to grade your Google Forms...

Then, she discovered her new favorite Add-on for Google Sheets and wahla! Now Google Forms are graded for you with little to no work on your part!

Check out FLUBAROO and the How To HERE.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Presentation Software Options

Here are a few options for your students and yourself if you're doing presentations: 

PowToons: This is a fun presentation software that involves some animation. It takes a little bit to learn but most students can figure it out with little guidance. This is an app as well as a website.

My Tutorial Sheet: Here
Video Tutorials: Here

Prezi: This is pretty popular here at the middle school. This lets you be emerged in an image, zipping around, zooming in and out, etc. Or, moving around a general space with traditional presentation circles or squares. This is an app and a website (

My Tutorial Sheet: Here
An example of a Prezi: Here

Google Slides: This is the powerpoint substitute for Google. You can access this from the Google Drive. It is very popular with the elementary students as well as sixth graders.

Emaze: This is a flashier program that lets your students choose different styled templates. I was just introduced to this so am still working on a tutorial for it but this is an example of one I made:

An example of Emaze:
Your students could use this template for their own projects, adding more text or less images too. I saw this template more as a portfolio option however could see it used to present all sorts of things. For example, if your student was studying animals they could do a whole gallery on that animal like we were touring a zoo.

There is also a "newspaper" template that is pretty great. You can add photos/videos etc.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Moving Chromebooks

My colleague 'drea over at Leeds & Ryan Rd. schools posted this great video that I felt should be shared here at JFK regarding movement of the Chromebooks:

I certainly have been guilty of not properly holding my own chromebook, but it is a good practice to get in the habit of two hands on the chromebook at all times. You can remind your friends, students, teachers and everyone will benefit from the machines not being damaged from accidental drops as easily.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lab Activity

This week in the lab, students have been signing up for Schoology with their classmates. They've also begun pretests on their knowledge of the countries in Europe or the states in the US. I have also observed the sixth grade working on typing out their final drafts of their student interviews. Each student was paired up with someone in their class and they practiced asking appropriate questions and listening thoughtfully to the responses so they could add follow up questions. They then compiled these answers into a typed clear paper. The seventh grade also started utilizing the computers to access an artifact, in a digital form, of something that represents them and chose to write a paper around this artifact.

Students also began in some classes the start of learning how to login to Aspen & how to check their grades. The Aspen address for our school is:
Students logins are typically their first initial, period, last name. They will be likely going over this in class at some point and there are letters that are going home.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Another style


If you made a slideshow...

In discussing options for a blog post, it was asked if one could make a slideshow. I tested out this website and we'll see how it looks: