Monday, September 21, 2015

Lab Activity

This week in the lab, students have been signing up for Schoology with their classmates. They've also begun pretests on their knowledge of the countries in Europe or the states in the US. I have also observed the sixth grade working on typing out their final drafts of their student interviews. Each student was paired up with someone in their class and they practiced asking appropriate questions and listening thoughtfully to the responses so they could add follow up questions. They then compiled these answers into a typed clear paper. The seventh grade also started utilizing the computers to access an artifact, in a digital form, of something that represents them and chose to write a paper around this artifact.

Students also began in some classes the start of learning how to login to Aspen & how to check their grades. The Aspen address for our school is:
Students logins are typically their first initial, period, last name. They will be likely going over this in class at some point and there are letters that are going home.