Thursday, March 31, 2016

Removing blog posts from the previous year.

This question came up in our technology follow up session this Monday: "What do we do with our old blog posts each year?" There are many articles discussing blog archiving, hiding blog posts etc. but the solution I believe would be the most useful for teachers would be to do the following:

1. Go to your list of blog entries. (the one that lists them all in a row)

2. Check off all the entries you used this year that you want to hide for the start of next year.

3. Next click "Revert to Draft" at the top (you'll see baggage tag, Publish and Revert to Draft)

This will put the word "draft" in orange next to the posts (see image above). All the posts listed as draft no longer can be seen on your blog.

So what about next year when you want to use the same entry?

You can click to "Edit the post" and then on the right click "schedule" then choose "Set Date and Time". This will drop down a calendar. Remember: The default time is Pacific Time so unless you change this, build in and extra three hours to have it publish on East Coast time.

Pick the date and time you want to "republish" your post and it will populate accordingly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Boomerang for Gmail is a mail extension you can get from the Chrome Web Store. It's primary purposes are to allow you to send emails at specific times like "Tuesday at 4 PM" while you write it on a Saturday night. It also lets you mark emails that you want to pay attention to--like say an email about a meeting in the middle of the month that you receive the first of the month... you can make it "resend" the email to you the day of the meeting or the day before. You can also set it up so if you send an email to someone and they haven't replied in a specific time frame you can "Boomerang it" and it'll send your email a second time.

When you install it you'll notice (at the bottom of your emails that you're composing):

When you click "Send Later" you can pick when you want the email to send. Or, you can check the box that says, "Boomerang this in 2 days" and set the day you want to send it again if you haven't heard back from the person.

There is also the Boomerang in the top right. This is the button you press while reading an email that you want to return to your inbox.