Sunday, August 21, 2016

JFK Tech Conference 2016: Google My Maps

Google My Maps:

Please take THIS form.

Key Take-Aways:
Use for Math: Polygon tool, ruler--ratios, perimeter, area etc. (To get out of ruler press escape)
Use for Social Studies: Plot battles of the Civil War, causes etc.
English ELA: Plot places characters travel to, or scenes from a novel that is based in a real town.

Can share Maps just like you would anything else.

Add pictures and descriptions.

Using Google Forms with My Maps:
Make a Google Form and make sure there is 1 question related to location.
Have students take the form.
Open the spreadsheet where the answers from the form are found and make a "last column" question and fill in the answer as a period (all the way down the column).
Open a New My Map and then choose IMPORT. Find the "Response sheet" from the Google Form and import that. It'll ask you which question is the location question. Click through all of those and then share this map with your students and ask them to fill out the additional question. For example: break your students into groups, have each group list three important facts about a pre-assigned battle that they previously plotted. Or, have everyone add a fact about the town they grew up in and how it relates to something you're teaching. (List the natural resource where you grew up that your town could provide the world..)

JFK Tech Conference 2016: Advanced Google Doc/Drive

Advanced Google Docs/Drive:

This serves as a brief outline for some key topics we will review:

Share a link & force students to make a copy: (Great demo from Shake up Learning!)

Prevent changing access or allowing printing:

Set an Expiration Date:
Next to the person's name when you share a doc you can hover to the left of the "Can View/Can Edit" drop down and you'll see a clock. You can click "Customize" and set for how long you'd like them to have access.

Change owner of a Doc: You'd do this where you see the list of people who are editing or viewing your doc. When you click the drop down menu next to their name, a choice is "Is Owner" and you can shift ownership. You'd really only do this if you made something for someone, or if you were leaving and wanted someone to have all your documents.

Commenting: Type in the kid's name and it should pop up their email. Click that and it will alert the student that a comment has been written.

Formatting: Checkboxes, Paint brush tool, Bookmark and make links to your own bookmarks.

Tabs: Pin, mute, Close to the right etc. (two finger click on a tab to see these options)
         Bookmark all tabs: Puts all the tabs you have open in a folder on your bookmark bar.