Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My calendar disappeared!

Most commonly there are two ways that your calendar is missing: 1. You turned it off without realizing it or 2. It is "hidden" from you & not showing up in your list. 

1. Turning off your calendar:
This simply means at some point you "clicked" your calendar and the color disappeared from your list. An easy way to notice this is if the square color beside your calendar is not colored in. verses

2. Hidden Calendars:
This is where you'll want to click the drop down arrow beside where it says "Other Calendars" and go down to Settings. From here you'll want to make sure the calendar you're looking for is checked off as "Show in List". If it's unchecked it won't show up on the left hand side with the rest of your calendars.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Posting a Google Doc on your blog

So for those who are using Google Docs with students this is a quick tip sheet on how to attach your Google Doc to your blog. Essentially it goes over how to change the permissions of your doc so that anyone with the link can view it (or, anyone with a Northampton Public Schools email can view it).

Remember to remind your students to go to File: Make a Copy if it is a Google Document you'd like them to fill out. Then they can share it back to you, or can upload it to Schoology/Google Classroom etc.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Google Classroom How To

For those of you interested in Google Classroom, I've made this "How To".

Click HERE to check it out.

(If you don't see the teacher account I may have to email our director to let your name go through)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Google Read & Write

Google Read & Write has really stepped up its game.

For websites: Students can still have the website read to them, they can simplify the webpage from all the ads and just read the text, they can also have the information put into an mp3, and highlight important facts and have those pulled into a separate Google doc!
For documents: students can use the word prediction tool, the read out loud feature, the fluency feature, the highlighting tools, and the screen mask tool. Teachers can leave audio notes too for the student now.
For pdf's students can dictate into the pdf, they can type over the pdf and the teacher can make notes on it for the student as well.

Check out my How to HERE.

Teachers sign up for your free premium version HERE (put in lfarkas@northampton... as your admin).

Check out how to use the .pdf tools HERE.